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Since a newspaper referring to the number of voters for the unmentioned third choice has been forced to withdraw a guess about these numbers, in the interests of natural justice the question is bound to be included, if only to enable real (rather than extrapolated) figures to enter the public domain.
'The names of those mentioned and unmentioned have been written in Ijaw Hall of fame, but it is also worthy to note that inasmuch as these persons mentioned would be highly respected, we should not forget the fact that the school belongs to the Government of the Federation and also funded with the taxpayers' money.
By contrast, the daily and seasonal variations in the tides can readily be predicted, but this resource remains largely neglected and some of its attributes unmentioned.
Rodgers, oddly unmentioned by Levin) and the cultural triumph of "expressive individualism" (a coinage of my former Berkeley colleagues Robert Bellah and co-authors, whose devising of the term also goes oddly unmentioned), all the ideologues are rowing back ceaselessly into the past.
For instance, the names of ex-members Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe (dismissed and deceased, respectively, in 1962, months before the film's beginning) go conspicuously unmentioned, as does the death by overdose of the band's urbane manager, Brian Epstein, in 1967, months after the film's endpoint.
eu and gets results from Yahoo, Yandex, and other unmentioned general search engines.
In examining three years of media coverage related to police violence and disability, the report found that a person's disability often goes unmentioned, and about 80 percent of cases that involved someone with a disability are categorized as mental illness.
A state district court set aside the sentence in 2014 and released Tiede ahead of a second trial to reargue the 20-year-old details of the case and evaluate whether Tiede's history of being sexually abused - unmentioned in his first trial - could have played a role in the killing.
"Growth was registered in the production of machinery and equipment, unmentioned elsewhere, the production of electrical equipment, and the production of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, which are manufactured in the technological areas," said the State Statistical Office.
As bizarre spectacles go, it was right up there with hordes of Mick Carter's previously unmentioned mates turning up at the Queen Vic for his stag do last night.
Let those needing smelling salts and counselling over this mishap look at our city's unpalatable truths that went unmentioned.
"Surely, such actions are entirely unacceptable, and I hope and trust that they will quickly be released and compensated for their unjust punishment." Chomsky's criticisms of the US government are regularly quoted in the Iranian media, but these remarks about Iran went unmentioned.