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He is despotic, and unmerciful to insubordination; he would shoot a fellow down with as little remorse as he would shoot a buck, if he opposed him.
It were unmerciful, I know, quite to abolish the use of these screens, which are of eminent convenience, whether the guest is too great or too little.
Sir Ernest Heavywether made short work of her, and under his unmerciful bullying she contradicted herself hopelessly, and Sir Ernest sat down again with a satisfied smile on his face.
LFS was unmerciful in claiming that the new 'policy is structured to push for a colonial orientation in education.
However, a number of other coolies were furious and fell upon the unfortunate winner giving him "a most unmerciful beating."
Bar worker Liz Angland told gardai that Mr Lehane "hit the ground with an unmerciful crack".
"Saudi Arabia has been the victim of terrorism," he added, saying the kingdom would continue to be "unmerciful" in going after terrorists and those who finance and condone them.
"If the terrorists get the death penalty then the same would apply to those giving them refuge, which isn't justice and is unmerciful."
On 2017's 100 Round Goon, his most acclaimed release, he doesn't flinch through his ruthless confessions: "attempted murder, still mad I ain't finish it," he raps on the unmerciful "Blood." Over the past three years, he's dropped over ten projects, all of which kept his fans filled up on his street tales--even when he wasn't present.
Marmion was unmerciful to DuSable, scoring on every offensive possession.
He indicated that there is an unmerciful campaign against him, which is only intended to damage his image.
Explaining the picture, the artist said, 'Hatred is an old man because it is as ancient as mankind, pale because he who hates, torments himself and lives a tragic life, with claws because it is so unmerciful, with torches and serpents because it creates discord, and it tears out its heart because it is self-destructive.' In the third stage, God's grace descends on me and I begin to see the person who has hurt me in a new light and begin to understand his difficulty.