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He is despotic, and unmerciful to insubordination; he would shoot a fellow down with as little remorse as he would shoot a buck, if he opposed him.
and, indeed, the poor gentleman seemed in some danger of being choaked, when Jones flew hastily to his assistance, and rescued him, just as he was breathing his last, from the unmerciful clutches of the enemy.
Next morning's sun saw Mr Dorrit's equipage upon the Dover road, where every red-jacketed postilion was the sign of a cruel house, established for the unmerciful plundering of travellers.
By Haitham Salah KUWAIT, Sept 19 (KUNA) -- The worst nightmare that a road user could experience is being caught in an unyielding and unmerciful traffic congestion that might delay arrival to any certain destination.
Unmerciful attitude which was held by Israeli soldiers took serious reaction around the world.
Either way the other Essex kids didn't mess about, thorough and unmerciful yet solely responsible for borderline crippling sensitivity.
To this day, the buildings destroyed under the unmerciful barrage of bombs and shells remain largely in ruins.
About a minute later I heard an unmerciful bang which I know now was the car going up.
The murder of Moaz al Kasasbeh once more shows the unmerciful nature of these criminals.
PUC central chairman Hafiz Mohammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that all Islamic schools of thought, all religions and sects were agreed that Peshawar incident was an act of unmerciful, adding the act was being condemned by everyone without any religious affiliations.
Note: in spirit of generally being nice, we just searched and featured words half the total score of the unmerciful Canadian team.
With an unmerciful mix of grinding guitars, locomotive bass lines and pummeling drum beats, Francis sings about humanity's sealed fate in the foreshadowing lines, "Snakes are coming to your town/In tunnels underground/Some traveling over ground/A plague for our mistakes/They'll be right next to you/Snakes up against me, too/There'll be nothing to do/When the rattle shakes.