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He is not unmindful of that and I want to assure you that Mr.
This was possible only because of the existence of an independent Commission unmindful of the pull and pressures of the government.
The victims were standing along the boundary wall of their house, unmindful of the savagery unleashed by Indian troops along the LoC, when a mortar shell landed in the courtyard, Mr Zaheer said.
Some of the bridges constructed on this main artery, like the one near Drigh Road, have even worsened the situation as vehicles tend to change lanes unmindful of the flow of traffic which may result in accidents.
Many of the netizens blame the drivers for their reckless habits, allegedly being unmindful of the safety and welfare of commuters.
Entrepreneurs starting new ventures are rarely unmindful of money; on the contrary, they tend to be greedy.
According to the police, 45 years old Muhammad Aqil Shah was crossing the railway tracks unmindful of the approaching train.
But knowing he had to end campaign in the international circuit with a bang, Go drove aggressively from the qualifying round up to the final battle, unmindful of the wet and slippery track.
Birds flock to the seeds spread out for them in places like footpaths and get killed under the wheels of cars driving past during frenzied feeding when the birds are unmindful of their surroundings.
The Indian army chief is deluded into equating India's potency with the nuclear power, unmindful that the country he is threatening is capable of giving his country befitting destruction.
'Though the petitioner seeks the delay of 1,229 days to be condoned, we cannot be unmindful of the preceding seventeen years and the time that the matter was investigated, prosecuted and kept pending by NAB.'
'There is neither any allegation nor any suggestions that the deceased lady was part of protesting mob but admittedly she was in her own house with her baby in the lap', the petitioner said,' suggests that the forces were indiscriminately pumping and spraying bullets unmindful of its consequences'.