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Duvall and Scanlan here position DeLillo himself as seeking, like the terrorists, to subvert the transient dominant culture of pure spectacle and consumption, "the global momentum that seemed to be driving unmindfully toward a landscape of consumer-robots" ("Ruins").
Rather than challenging the division of the world into those two, narrow categories, queer theory has sometimes unmindfully eliminated or ridiculed many of the attributes associated with women.
In addition, people from various ethnic groups, religions, and social classes tend to form unique but equally egocentric belief systems and use them equally unmindfully (Paul, 1992).
What assumptions do you make - perhaps quite unmindfully - about your 'race', 'ethnicity', or other aspects of your 'self'?
In our own enthusiasms to become overtly pretentious about our particular ancestry and place of origin, we have also unmindfully become equally unsophisticated about our current cultural heritage and place in history.
The jeans were paired with an ill- fitting orange satin kurti with a white cardigan unmindfully thrown over her outfit.