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Gallery owner Ralph Sanders added: "His subjects are unmistakably Welsh, anchored with recognisable details.
While the band is ' unmistakably American, the material is universal and timeless
The result is an aggressive face that is unmistakably a muscle car.
the spider rolled over onto its back, unmarked, but unmistakably dead.
The C5 is being actively promoted as unmistakably German.
The stop-start rock riffs of songs such as Bring It On and Will You Marry Me are unmistakably influenced by Jimmy Page.
Unmistakably, who won the Racing Post Weekender Lady Dudley Cup last season, and Cannon Bridge, the champion pointer of 2005 when he scored nine times between the flags, have joined Herefordshire trainers Chris Hooley, based near Ross, and Paul Davies at Bromyard.
In February, Gander Mountain announced it is pulling realistic replica guns from its stores in Minnesota and will sell only airsoft guns that are obviously and unmistakably toys.
But getting these numbers means concentrating on the easy-to-pick, low-hanging fruit, most of whom tend to speak with an unmistakably American accent, and look more like they're from the Midwest than the Mideast.
As a Crown corporation wholly owned by the federal government, BDC's mandate is unmistakably clear: to support Canadian entrepreneurship by providing financing, consulting and venture capital solutions.
As an emblem of over 60 years' work--both in terms of his contribution to the theory and practice of art and architecture--this building unmistakably bears Wilson's hand, and as such is one that Chichester should be extremely proud of.
According to the appeals court, certain assets (stocks, bonds and options) are clearly capital and others (interest and rent) are unmistakably ordinary income.