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PlateauFormer member of House of Representatives, Bitrus Kaze, in his reaction to the development said the circular sought to disrupt the time-tested Joint Jos/Barkin Ladi/Riyom Traditional Council but did not define in clear, unmistaken and unambiguous terms what role and status the throne of the Gbong Gwom Jos (a creation of the law) would assume in the new order.
So your question "Could robots be Jewish?" translates immediately to the question "Could a community of robots attain a sense of collective identity forged by common history?" It would take unusually creative programmers to choreograph scripts like Exodus or Masada and implant in the robot's software the unmistaken belief that he/she was part of that historical journey.
Redfish were the target, and within a few short minutes, the first unmistaken "wave" of a redfish tail broke the surface ahead.
The delusion that our perspective is clear and unmistaken, is a widespread and pervasive dynamic.
People take time to understand the hidden agenda of the BJP: 'All must be Hindu by 2022.' The social media warns the minorities in unmistaken terms.
My binoculars revealed the unmistaken silhouette of a mature buck with tall, ghost white antlers standing like a statue in the trail that I had just walked in on.
In these flash portrayals of everyday life there is an unmistaken degree of intimacy as Bassam invites the reader into the house, the bedroom, the kitchen and the musings of her narrator (Awadalla 2011, pp.
From the twenty-two primitive church pews, painstakingly reconditioned by family members, to the meticulously manicured rose garden entrance, awareness of an ambience, of love shared by both families for the couple, was unmistaken. Guests signed a "pew" inscribed with the couple's initials, as they meandered along the wraparound porte cochere, enjoying the memorabilia on their way to the ivory rose petal-covered aisles awaiting them.
On 26 March 1971, my gunboat entered Daulatpur Canal in District Khulna to help screaming Biharis (labour force of Amin Jute Mills) who were lined up on the bank of the canal in rows and Hindus in 'Langots', shaved heads and unmistaken long mane of hair, just ripped opened the stomachs of men and women, and pushed them into the river.
Second, how and to what extent is blogging able to influence political realities in Egypt after July 3, 2013 in light of the, unmistaken, strong comeback of authoritarianism?
(357) Similarly, in Missouri, Governor Ashcroft remarked that "[i]t would have been arrogant and irresponsible of me to second-guess the people and the court system by arbitrarily reversing the decision of unmistaken juries and judges." (358) Other governors have similarly relied on access to the courts as a reason for denying clemency.
Akin has many voices, from the epigrammatic "A rose tree grows inside every refugee," or this two-line poem, "--Then I grew old, behold / A sentence as long as a novel,") to the wryly topical ("oh those revolutionaries / who, mistake after mistake become ever more unmistaken"), to the rich defiance of her early poem "I Cut My Black Black Hair."