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unmitigated threats and empirical data regarding the effectiveness of security controls to drive informedaction and reduce risk in their environments.
To stick with Gordon Brown would be an unmitigated disaster for this country.
The last Democratic president to make morality and transparency the guiding principles of his administration was Jimmy Carter, and that was called an unmitigated disaster by many.
The existing research literature surrounding the gender-related personality traits of agency and communion, as well as their unmitigated counterparts, provides one starting point for elucidating possible factors that predispose individuals to making poor lifestyle choices.
Winterval as a PR exercise was an unmitigated disaster.
From the legend behind the origin of the word "rawhide", to legends of buried treasure, to the unmitigated roughness of an era when women were scarce and buffalo roamed the plains.
But, for so many remote communities, the new-found freedoms have delivered up unmitigated misery.
Rather than focusing on his belated realisation the Iraq invasion may have been an unmitigated disaster, I am intrigued by the writer's last paragraph.
The unmitigated success of GMLRS-U in Iraq resulted in the deployment of additional GMLRS units in March of 2006 to other CENTCOM areas of responsibility.
They also address a spiritual quest which ranges from outright doubt (World Without Sound) to unmitigated faith (God Is In The Roses).