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A spokesman for Scottish Government Brexit Minister Michael Russell said: "The UK Government's Brexit preparations are an unmitigated shambles - and attempting to subcontract the issues around a no-deal outcome are just part of that.
Cabinet member Veronica Dunn called the closure an "unmitigated tragedy", while Labour colleague Dan Greenhough claimed that displaced pupils have had their life chances ruined for the sake of an "ideological experiment".
The reality is that this would be an unmitigated disaster for our economy and therefore for the prosperity of our people,' he said.
Cyber Security Expert agency founder Robert Pritchard said the breach, which ran from mid-May to July 29, was an "unmitigated disaster".
unmitigated threats and empirical data regarding the effectiveness of security controls to drive informedaction and reduce risk in their environments.
For our purposes, we will therefore divide FTAs into two main categories: unmitigated and mitigated.
The trade unions believe that such a move would be an unmitigated disaster.
He suggested to BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement that the Labour general election campaign was "unmitigated gloom" and that policies such as the mansion tax didn't promote the need for entrepreneurship.
At the close of his speech to Planned Parenthood at the organization's April 26 gala celebration, President Barack Obama had the unmitigated gall to ask God to bless the group that leads the nation in providing abortions.
In a statement issued by MQM here, the MQM body termed the incident as unmitigated terrorism.
What unmitigated and economydestroying nonsense when considering that significant countries such as China, India, Brazil and the USA have no such plans.
His alliance with the Tories has been an unmitigated disaster for the party, both at national and local level.