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They are governed by an unmitigatedly tedious aesthetic that mandates repetition and suppresses as tasteless any attempt to depart from the norm and cull names from sources other than one venerable archive, the staidly permissible roll call of Davids, lanes, and Susans.
Environmentalists recoil at the unmitigatedly rapacious record of the Southeast Asian logging companies, which are supported by corporations in the world's biggest wood consumer countries, Japan, China, South Korea, the United States and Europe.
The survival of [an] unmitigatedly critical toward the police in the face of patent
Thus, he is unmitigatedly hostile to "higher law" notions or notions of natural rights (e.
Goldhagen's central premise - and the aspect of his book that drew the heaviest fire from the Holocaust Studies establishment and many other critics - is that Germany was a uniquely and unmitigatedly anti-Semitic place for generations prior to Hitler.
For viewers whose cultural framework is unmitigatedly urban and late twentieth century, here was an instant presentation of daily life (albeit totally sanitised
And more than that, I do not see all pornography as conveying unmitigatedly misogynistic messages.
The last part of the essay discusses incomprehensibility in general, asks whether it is "so unmitigatedly contemptible and evil" (370; Wheeler, 38), and ends with a "gloss" based on Goethe which mocks the opponents of the Athenaum and of the Romantic circle in general.
Adams's vision had become unmitigatedly bleak: After reading James's memoir, he sighed, "Why did we live?
Mainstream reviewers are gradually assuming the mantle abandoned by academics, that of the custodian of High Art, criticizing Madonna as a talentless opportunist, a monster created by the publicity machine, a nasty scourge in an unmitigatedly vulgar pop music scene; while academics are wrapping themselves in a populist flag and interpreting Madonna as nothing less than a grass-roots revolutionary.