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Polarization and narrow mindedness are the end results of this parochial unmodern teaching.
The final section "From Neo-Hippocraticism to the Avant-Garde" opens with the materialist Pedro Mata y Fontanet, who debunked neo-Hippocratic vitalism equating it with the "unmodern," at the same time that Spanish Krausism recast vital force in social and moral terms, "instrumental in building the ideal society of the future, a society unhampered by the conservatism of State-sponsored development" (202).
I think for me when I came here I expected something that is very unmodern. And I saw the city a few days, and I see that you have the metro, you have the glass buildings, you have apartment buildings.
And the launch of the rather uninspiring and unmodern Xperia XZ2 in February this year did little to correct the fall, especially in a world of smartphones boasting dual cameras and very narrow bezels.
Even within Bloomsbury, interpretations and implementations of the motor-car's potential blur a clear distinction between the democratic and the hierarchical, or the freeing and the fettering connotations read into or out of modern machines.3 The most immediate association between driving and Bloomsbury may, indeed, be its members' unmodern automotive incompetence; and yet cars sustained connections (and reiterated divisions) among the members of this variously defined circle of artists and intellectuals clustered around members of the Stephen family (see Rosenbaum x).
In this new food space, healthier foods like maas, bread or pap enjoy limited popularity than in previous times, because they are associated with the days that were linked to hardship or they are considered unmodern. On the other hand, unhealthy food options such as take-out meals are consumed far more regularly because of their association with upward social mobility, wealth and notions of having arrived.
The response in the outraged Chinese media was violent, with the country's veteran striker Hao Haidong telling the China Daily: "What this guy said really shows how unmodern he is.
Lu Xun is hardly exceptional in this, but he is somewhat unmodern. Relishing its intertextuality, the Old Tales positions itself less within a synchronic global modernity, here characterized by Hsia as Euro-American, but in a diachronic locality.
This "cultural code" is embedded in Nietzsche's four Untimely Meditations (1873-76), which were "untimely," or "unmodern" (Unzeitgemasse), in their opposition to the values of the "modern" Jews.
What remained of the medieval city, narrow alleyways, courtyard houses, schools and bathhouses lay hidden behind the fashionable street facade, a historic fabric that was allowed to decay because it was deemed "unmodern."
(31) John Dewey, Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2012), p.
Habitat, though, offered a declension of the modern with a set of references and feelings that in the 50s would have been decidedly unmodern. One of the keywords for naming this feeling is 'natural':