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For a discussion of what makes smart contracts unmodifiable, see infra notes 138-145 and accompanying text.
So it takes on both native gifts and unmodifiable cultural background as explanations of differential educational achievement and the kinds of success in life that higher education makes possible.
The most common findings among studies include positive associations with the following unmodifiable risk factors, perhaps explaining much of the chronicity of this condition:
We said that the primary task of natural history consists in collecting the social and political events in which the human animal is put into direct relation with metahistory, that is with the unmodifiable constitution of its species.
His faith was equal parts "sola scriptura," Common Sense visions of ordinary language, and Romantic poetics, the latter captured most strikingly in Ralph Waldo Emerson's ambiguous notion of the poet as creating the truth of the world by submitting to its unmodifiable metaphysics.
This stack pointer is typed so that it is abstract and therefore unmodifiable by everything except for the exception code.
If you negotiate to gain the freedom to study source code and make changes should something happen to the product, you're better off than if you're simply stuck holding a closed source, unmodifiable application.
To this end it is worth noting that NRAs are duty-bound to analyse their national markets from a forward-looking perspective; hence, they have to observe relevant phenomena and assess their future impact, rather then to take stock of given and unmodifiable data and circumstances pertaining to the past.
Examples of these unmodifiable confounders are, sex, ethnicity and age (Rogers 1997).
STRICT INSTITUTIONAL LIABILITY An alternative to this proposal is an imposition of unmodifiable institutional liability upon MCOs.
8) By contrast, the bodies that we would confront in the lost film are not only unmodified, but unmistakably unmodifiable and, as such, stimulate the scientific gaze.
Our reviews have not uncovered any evidence for innate, unmodifiable gifts necessary for the attainment of high levels of performance, with the exception of height and body size (Ericsson, 1996; Ericsson & Lehmann, 1996)--the characteristic that Galton explicitly referred to in his analogy between the heritabilities of physical and mental capacities.