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Surface area I measurements were carried out by nitrogen adsorption method using surface area analyzer (Smart Instruments, Thane, India) for unmodified MWNTs, Na-AHA-modified MWNTs (1:1, wt/ wt) and PyCHO-modified MWNTs (1:1, wt/wt).
2] concentrations for two of the experiments with the first, unmodified generator (see Emmerich, et al.
Results suggest that both unmodified and modified nanoparticles led to the formation of partially exfoliated nanocomposite structures.
Unmodified siRNAs can induce unintended effects, including cytotoxicity, which can lead to safety issues.
When just a male was introduced into the cage, the modified males were far more likely to mount the male and emit a 'mating call' normally given off when encountering females than unmodified males were.
Teams were instructed to make item modifications that did not change the target constructs or reduce the depth-of-knowledge (Webb, 1997) or grade level of the unmodified items.
Palpus unmodified, slender, nearly as long as proboscis, brownish; clothed in dense, long, silvery, adpressed setae, bearing moderately long (shorter than palpus) black apical seta.
Although you are acting as your own sonographer for your scans, this still represents the technical component of a scan, which is reimbursed when reporting the unmodified code for the service.
Quaker produces, among other things, flavored varieties of reduced sugar instant oatmeal products as well as unmodified (with respect to sugar content) instant oatmeal products.
Those crops have the same impact on crawling insects and the same yield as unmodified cotton does, according to a field study.