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The -U option causes IOzone to unmount the file system between tests.
Caption: TRUE PALS: With the exception of Adaptive Riding, all of Pal-O-Mine's programs are unmounted and involve activities on the ground with the horses, which provides opportunities for individual and group discovery through experiential learning.
Entries may be color or black and white, unmounted and unframed.
For the antenna pattern, two cases were analyzed--the unmounted dipole and car mounted dipole antenna (see Figure 2), constituting a full 3D simulation package.
The scholarship final sees a shortlist of applicants take part in a dressage and jumping session in front of Sir Mark Todd and both Lizzel and Gill as well as an unmounted interview with representatives from The Mark Todd Collection and Keyflow feeds.
After actually testing a collimator, the second step in the process is centering the unmounted scope's reticle.
Unmounted, riders connect with the horses and hone mutual respect without the use of restrictive equipment.
It was followed by unmounted diamond (7 per cent), cars (6 per cent), and telephone handsets (5 per cent).
One of my students took us through zero-g during an overenthusiastic recovery from an unusual attitude, causing my unmounted iPad to float before me as if levitated by a supernatural force.
Unmounted this is relatively easy by placing it on a balance scale, but on the whole the diamonds seen are usually mounted in jewellery and then measurements need to be taken in order to arrive at the carat weight.
GRAND FINALE Mountainous hurdles the last alongside an unmounted rival at Chepstow