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Aussie Di Venuto, however, remained an unmovable obstacle at the other end smashing nine fours.
The 26-year-old took the ball on the right flank, cut inside one bemused defender and then almost humiliated the usually unmovable Sami Hyypia, before slipping a left-foot shot in at the near post from the edge of the box.
Should this giant go under, the market will be inundated with unmovable assets that would further depress prices which in turn forces downgrades that starts the cycle all over again with additional bankruptcies.
Henry was again prominent, twice surging into the area with a dip of his shoulder and a shift in balance, the first drawing a save from Buffon, the second a cutback which was somehow intercepted by the unmovable Fabio Cannavaro.
Porto were unmovable at the back, fluid and flexible in midfield, and clinical when it came to landing the killer blow.
A young Steve Waugh had followed up his second-innings half-century by scoring a maiden Test century at Headingley and proving nigh on unmovable.
Their music is powerful and sincere, but there is, nevertheless, the unmovable feeling that the hype has been built from personalities rather than material.
They threw everything at us but we were absolutely determined and they met an unmovable force.
Generally, these solid structures in which we navigate our lives are long lasting and unmovable, at least without consensus from others.
However hard we pull, it feels like there is an unmovable object on the other side.
The Argentina ace still has two more years on his contract, and Jesus appeared to be tasked with moving the unmovable.