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Rising majestically on the edge of a cliff or standing precariously on top treacherous rocks, they are weather-beaten and storm-lashed - yet unmovable.
Ahn, a gentle-spirited man who is unmovable in matters of principle, concluded that his skating life in Korea was over.
The muscle-laden Bousquet, an unmovable force in the paint once he established position, converted several power layups and showed finesse in the form of a soft jump hook.
Forced me to accept his unmoving and unmovable black ball as the hulking center to Holly Solomon's centripetal walls.
Although the ASL is still used in current theaters, the BMSO will need to carefully tailor the number of lines carried to meet increased demand during early-entry operations and ensure that the amount does not become unmovable.
While almost any device for recording video comes with a display, the initial limitation with DSLR camera screens being small and unmovable LEDs spawned the release of external, production-handy monitors of all number of sizes.
Though it is the first work that Gimenez mentions in the catalogue, visitors see only two preparatory sketches and one ex post facto painting lent by the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, where the original hangs unmovable and under constant guard.
There has been the perception that Iran is unmovable because of its oil resources," said a European official.
They are relentless in the air bombing South Sudan movable or unmovable targets, and the list is long The AU mediation cases at hand, as we all know, have no reference about security though this matter could have been handled once the borders of the two nations are known.
Best described as dark but elegant Riley has the power to shake the unmovable with her voice, making her a definite force to be reckoned with.
Schools that have thick, unmovable walls pose a huge problem for the future of public education.