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The unmoveable past of the apartment complex is surrounded by a metal pathway, which features signs describing what is being observed at specific stopping points (see figure 3).
The river with its "swirling eddies" (in Li Po's poem: half-visible rocks under the surface of the river--a wonderful image for the cold and unmoveable threat; Pound's image has rather an emphasis on the depth of the problem) creates a feeling of uncertainty and hidden danger, while the "narrows of the river Kiang" suggests a sort of limitedness of possibilities.
El qiyass, erected as a measure, an unmoveable standard, provides a protection by being the guarantor of a genealogy.
Once again Hewitt refused to waver, once again he threw his frame around every millimetre of the blue Masters court and once again his opponent found him as unmoveable as the Great Wall of China.
How can ritual foreground action, transform a habit that otherwise seems like an unmoveable, unshakeable background of his life?
Place--the whole river--the first unmoveable limit--is heaven, Aristotle's upgrade of Okeanos, and Aristotle can emphasize that his account agrees with the ancients without once mentioning their beloved Okeanos, knowing they will craftily read the reference into his reference to a river--nudge nudge, wink wink.
Ferguson is already on record saying he hopes Taibi proves unmoveable - and that was a further blow for Bosnich who is battling to save his soccer credibility.
For Lacan, Ragland-Sullivan explains, "the Real itself is unmoveable and complete.
Stunned smash experts said it was the worst kind of accident - a head- on collision into an unmoveable object.
All the Residewe of my goodes moveable and unmoveable unbequethed my dettes and my funeralle dyscharged I bequethe to Elene Ludforthe my welbeloved wyffe whome I make my executrix alone and I wyll also that master Robert Smalwod gentyllman and Robert davye yeoman shalbe the supervisors of this my laste wyll written the ffyfth daye of Auguste / wyttenes george Bentham, Curate, Iohn Robertes, Anthony Cade, John every.
Unmoveable Richardson was accompanied in a 79 run stand with Brydon Carse and then 86 partnership with Graham Onions.