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They are unmoved by the horrific deaths of these children.
The Sindh government has also offered the teaching staff and students a new complex but the protesting students along with the faculty remained unmoved.
In a statement, he said that the brutalities of the Indian troops were increasing with every passing day and they were targeting unarmed Kashmiris while the rulers in Islamabad were unmoved on this.
In Sindh, seed cotton prices were unmoved at Rs 2800-3350.
Curious mice spend more time checking out an object that's been moved to a new spot than an unmoved object.
EXPRESSIONLESS and unmoved, Brian Wilson spent the entire night sitting at his piano, often not playing, sometimes missing his cue and occasionally forgetting lyrics.
Summary: Middle class voters remain unmoved amid biggest battle for votes
But he's unmoved and says he'll be bringing a court case against Alicia.
However, the bookies were largely unmoved and England stayed a general 10/1 (12/1 SpreadEx) to lift the trophy.
Global Banking News-November 20, 2014--HSBC says Sweden's central bank might remain unmoved on gold cap
Steven Toast's unmoved agent, Jane Plough, told her client: "I believe he's in the Countryside Alliance; he can do what he wants."