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It must be a serenely unruffled sea, for its surface is flat and unmoving (suggesting, perhaps, that Lundeberg is not exactly "moved" by it).
Yo u ' l l have seen people watching the telly, unmoving for either.
He would show all the grace and balance of a dancer or martial artist as he hopped on and off the cars, to stand unmoving and utterly unsupported, with flares and curly locks flapping romantically.
Nothing disturbs this figure, eventually he will hold this silent, unmoving position for 90 minutes in spite of the fact that a constant stream of rice will pour down continually on his shaven head.
She could see an unmoving pile of blankets on the couch and got frightened.
Yet three years on, while it's a blueprint in which the outlines have faded significantly, Martinez himself, despite being accused of being stubborn and unmoving when it comes to his principles, has lost track of that initial, uplifting outlook.
Child, born unmoving in the stillness of an echo, a gasp bouncing off
In the next 10 minutes before police arrived, Payam continues to intermittently attack Naser's unmoving body.
I didn't know this part of the city other than its expressways, so while idling in the unmoving mass, I pulled a map out of the glove compartment and looked for alternate routes.
Describing the toddler rescue, Captain Recep Evran said: "We saw the baby whose hands were unmoving, stiff like a robot.
Macbeth Cert 15 THIS bold and bleak adaption of Shakespeare's play is violent and visually arresting but sadly unmoving.
"Fe" is the periodic table symbol for iron, a rigid, unmoving metal while in its natural state.