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She grazed soft green sprouts of the color of beryl, fine grasses pungent and sweet, she drank the choice waters, tasty and pure, cool and unmuddied, of holy streams, she roamed in forests deserted by lions, where deer were king, empty and dense and left alone by fires, alongside fawns, like a hind of the woods, and so practiced much Law, decked with chastity.
And in light of the Shoah (as Jews refer to the genocide of World War II) and the religious rhetoric of the war on terror, its message is not likely to be unmuddied soon.
Although one will encounter some blind spots in MacCulloch's approach, his vision is of unsurpassed scope and unmuddied depth, and the birth of the modern Western world is very nearly contained within The Reformation's covers.
Their game cried out for the pace of Simon Martin, on the bench with boots unmuddied, to inject a cutting thrust through the Welsh midfield.
Clear colours unmuddied by oil, and firm and determinate lineaments unbroken by shadows, which ought to display and not hide form, as is the practice of the latter Schools of Italy and Flanders" (E530).
The indefatigable Oz Clarke continues to work diligently at spreading the good word about world wide wine, with a infectious enthusiasm unmuddied by pretense and without (too many) prejudices.