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Readers, however, only glimpse this association of Master Romford with the hounds he keeps, as when Surtees depicts him on the scent of a fox, directing his own dogs when their noses fail (50-51, 253), or when he tells us that he "generally gobbled [his dinner] up like a hound" (378), or when we catch the seemingly inexhaustible monster in the pose of fatigue, to signal an evening's dismissal, as when he breaks up the Beldon Hall party with "a great unmuzzled yawn" (406).
135) In response to reported incidents, the treaty explicitly prohibited the use of unmuzzled military dogs both within the prisoner grounds and for tracking down escapees.
Ms Shakeshaft said neighbours who belive they have seen Coban unmuzzled are confusing it with their other dog Lucy, a sandy-coloured puppy.
In one case, two naked youths were terrorized by snarling, unmuzzled military dogs held by military personnel who competed to try to make the teenagers defecate.
George Bush is a Tibetan terrier, not intellectual, but willing to please,'' says Georgia Sullivan, author of ``Porch Dogs: The Unmuzzled Truth About Men and Our Relationships With Them.
It identified 20 deaths and 74 instances of abuse -- beatings, sexual assaults and thefts -- but did not address the use of unmuzzled dogs during interrogations or the existence of ''ghost detainees'' (captured people without a record of detention), even though other U.
He said Hanna, who was buying a Chinese takeaway, was momentarily distracted and the unmuzzled dog pulled on the lead, broke free, and knocked the boy down.
One of my early organizing attempts had been based at The Inn of the Unmuzzled Ox, a campus coffeehouse run by the politically liberal Student Christian Movement (SCM).
It's clear that it is no longer satisfactory to have breeds known to be dangerous wandering the streets unleashed and unmuzzled," she said this week.
Masuda also began writing poetry again, after a five-year hiatus, and was eagerly anticipating that her paean to Kabul's liberation would be read on the city's newly unmuzzled radio station that day.
We have institutional foundations that are the envy of the world: our enumerated rights, our government's checks and balances, our independent judiciary, our unmuzzled if imperfect press.
the new relationship book "PORCH DOGS: The Unmuzzled Truth About