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There were sheets on sheets of level, even brood-comb that had held in its time unnumbered thousands of unnamed workers; patches of obsolete drone-comb, broad and high-shouldered, showing to what marks the male grub was expected to grow; and two-inch deep honey-magazines, empty, but still magnificent, the whole gummed and glued into twisted scrap-work, awry on the wires; half-cells, beginnings abandoned, or grandiose, weak-walled, composite cells pieced out with rubbish and capped with dirt.
Dalloway's hand upon her arm, it seemed indeed as if life which had been unnamed before was infinitely wonderful, and too good to be true.
I was coming up a stream--you'd call it a river in California--uncharted--and unnamed.
The eye of the social revolution was on him, and Razumov for a moment felt an unnamed and despairing dread, mingled with an odious sense of humiliation.
Katharine was once more irresistibly drawn to gaze upon an imaginary map of London, to follow the twists and turns of unnamed streets.
By PETER MWAURAFollowing up on my piece last Friday, What you need to know about the secrets of unnamed sources, Clement Amolo asks: "Who really told Nation reporters that President Uhuru Kenyatta would reshuffle his Cabinet and bring in new faces before Christmas?
Twenty-eight strains belonged to the genus Volucribacter or were related to this genus and to the unnamed taxon 34 of Bisgaard, and 28 strains were related to the unnamed taxon 44 of Bisgaard.
Several unnamed suspects were arrested, though no specific charges were announced.
Pictured in 1924 are, back row, from left: unnamed umpire, Cahill, W Smith, Carter, Rush, Taylor, unnamed groundsman.
The first deal is for an unnamed Las Vegas casino resort that will cover multi-site monitoring over 215 acres.
Likewise, indemnification clauses in purchase agreements between petitioner and the unnamed entity, without more, do not make an RPI.
CHAD'S DRIVE AND THE UNNAMED MARKET ACCESS ROAD, KIRKBY) (PROHIBITION OF WAITING, LOADING AND UNLOADING) (AND REVOCATION) ORDER 2014 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council made the above named permanent traffic regulation Order pursuant to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.