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2) And here there grows, unpruned, untamed, Terror to foemen's spear, A tree in Asian soil unnamed, By Pelops' Dorian isle unclaimed, Self-nurtured year by year;
There were sheets on sheets of level, even brood-comb that had held in its time unnumbered thousands of unnamed workers; patches of obsolete drone-comb, broad and high-shouldered, showing to what marks the male grub was expected to grow; and two-inch deep honey-magazines, empty, but still magnificent, the whole gummed and glued into twisted scrap-work, awry on the wires; half-cells, beginnings abandoned, or grandiose, weak-walled, composite cells pieced out with rubbish and capped with dirt.
Chance, thou term'st thyself, but thou art nothing; thou inflamest everything with thy breath, crumblest mountains at thy approach, and suddenly art thyself destroyed at the presence of the Cross of dead wood behind which stand another Power invisible like thyself - whom thou deniest, perhaps, but whose avenging hand is on thee, and hurls thee in the dust dishonored and unnamed! Lost!
Dalloway's hand upon her arm, it seemed indeed as if life which had been unnamed before was infinitely wonderful, and too good to be true.
I was coming up a stream--you'd call it a river in California--uncharted--and unnamed. It was a noble valley, now shut in by high canyon walls, and again opening out into beautiful stretches, wide and long, with pasture shoulder-high in the bottoms, meadows dotted with flowers, and with clumps of timberspruce--virgin and magnificent.
The eye of the social revolution was on him, and Razumov for a moment felt an unnamed and despairing dread, mingled with an odious sense of humiliation.
Katharine was once more irresistibly drawn to gaze upon an imaginary map of London, to follow the twists and turns of unnamed streets.
RAWALPINDI -- Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Ali Randhawa has set up a cell to identify benami (unnamed) properties in the district, following directives to this effect from Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Eight passengers and two crew members were on board the unnamed motor banca that left Barangay San Vicente in Olango Island without clearance from the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), said Lt.
He said that the accused with the connivance of Bilal and Altab had facilitated loan worth Rs 840 million to unnamed companies of Omni Group.
By PETER MWAURAFollowing up on my piece last Friday, What you need to know about the secrets of unnamed sources, Clement Amolo asks: "Who really told Nation reporters that President Uhuru Kenyatta would reshuffle his Cabinet and bring in new faces before Christmas?"And he can ask that question with a good reason: No Cabinet has been reshuffled.Although he did not say so, Mr Amolo was referring to the story published on December 4, 2017, Jubilee works to push Cabinet list as Nasa vows to stay away, by Samwel Owino and Ibrahim Oruko.
Twenty-eight strains belonged to the genus Volucribacter or were related to this genus and to the unnamed taxon 34 of Bisgaard, and 28 strains were related to the unnamed taxon 44 of Bisgaard.