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More striking, however, is the income differential between the naturalized and unnaturalized foreign-born populations ($41,028 and $28,278 respectively).
Of course, "the people" does not include the unnaturalized, corrupt, motley, prolific horde of Catholic immigrants, "coming by numbers to outnumber us, and by votes to outvote us, and by the competitions of European munificence to secure an ascendant influence in the education of the young republicans of our nation.
This law required all aliens--meaning all unnaturalized foreigners-living in Michigan to register with the state government.
For the same reason, in Kando, many unnaturalized Koreans were permitted to stay as agricultural labourers and short-term tenants, and they could even own land under the names of naturalized Koreans, although the stated policy was to encourage the Koreans to naturalize and to expel all unnaturalized Koreans.
29) The percentage of aliens or unnaturalized citizens in Essex County rose from 1.