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Seltzer seems to leave a place in discourse for such a body, which contradicts the "interpretive standard in recent cultural criticism" of "the unnaturalness of nature." To Seltzer, the suspect conventional imperative is "when confronted by the nature-culture opposition, choose the culture side" (p.
The work's founding conceit is that all sin is a crime against nature, and its long, opening consideration of homoeroticism makes its unnaturalness the model for that of all the other sins, which Alain treats more briefly.
In Ante el espejo he takes stock of his past as "un nino triste de corbatas lila" (Corsarios 163), recognizing his camp posturing and validating his queerness, while nonetheless agonizing over his supposed unnaturalness.(8) Whereas the dandy aspires to achieve an aesthetic "mas alla de la naturaleza" (11), Villena has been constituted as unnatural through the action of an unnamed societal other, the "desconocido ladron," who is in fact the bourgeois, male heterosexual.
An 'oppressive rigidity and unnaturalness' -- David Constantine's phrase in the Introduction to his new translation of the novel for The World's Classics -- may alienate us from the symmetrical plot and structure -- which seem to suggest that human relationships can be formulated as schematically as a chemical reaction --, from the stilted articulacy of the characters, and from a knowing and aloof narrator, who is by turns moralizing and sentimental.
Another factor contributing to the perceived unnaturalness of the fisheye view is that the shapes of vertices remain undistorted and edges remain straight lines (ignoring bend points).
According to Cromer, a professor of physics at Northeastern University, the unnaturalness of logical thought also explains why science has not experienced a steady progression from the discovery of fire to the unlocking of the atom.
The scenes of white and Aboriginal contestation carry the same deep sense of unnaturalness, for they suggest the crime of fratricide, the killing of brother by brother.
It is the unnaturalness of hands in the production of print culture, which makes the hand of the licensor an excrescence to be justifiably lopped off.
Henry, all of whose works were well known to Chopin, as Per Seyersted reports.(17) Very often, the lesbian figure was physically deformed, an emblem of her emotional "unnaturalness" (Faderman, pp.
Thus, recent years have witnessed the reemergence of textbook forms such as variations, passacaglia, rondo, and the like: whilst there is nothing implausible per se in the employment of such molds it nevertheless seems likely that the current drive away from forms which are intimately interwoven with the expressive strategies of which they are composed represents a symptom of the abyss yawning between the immediate ideals and "image" of neoromantic aesthetic arguments, and the forced unnaturalness of their reification through abstract forms which are, themselves, the most persuasive witnesses to the lacunae in the naturalist position.
The Soviet Union found it easy, as a consequence, to decry "West German revanchism." Kohl went to Moscow and spoke brave words about the unnaturalness of the division of Germany, but he was careful not to state the price the West Germans would be willing to pay for reunification.
excessiveness and aggressive unnaturalness, Pride and Prejudice and