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But that the Hand, like the Eye, appears in isolation betrays a similar unnaturalness, as well as that Saruman has--probably unconsciously--modeled his political and military organization on that of Mordor.
20) Country and city are excellent spatial correlates to the nature/culture divide that has long been discussed by feminists, a divide that is premised on the supposed naturalness of the country and the unnaturalness of the city.
Thus the solstitial inversion, the speaker's resistance to the season, the unnaturalness of a lady stony in youth, the analogy of the year and the life cycle--these themes are parallel to the idea of death as an inversion of birth.
In the absence of a distinguishable, unmixed 'natural' gender, effeminacy becomes the imagined ontological marker for the Irish fribble's unnaturalness.
The social disruption is the unnatural thing he objects to, and Iago leads him from one unnaturalness to the presentation of the Moor's racial difference as another one, says Jones.
23) Shakespeare stresses the unnaturalness of the couple's absence of children, their inability to perpetuate their bloodline, not only as a sign of their spiritual deadness, but also as a contrast to men like Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff who have fathered sons--the desire of any nobleman as a means of defeating time through self-perpetuation.
We take our stand on the solidarity of humanity, the oneness of life, and the unnaturalness and injustice of all special favoritisms, whether of sex, race, country, or condition.
The political effect of this is that the novel "positioned its Anglo-American readers so that they would be compelled to ponder the unnaturalness of their race" (429).
And of the last two articles, one discusses the question of the alleged unnaturalness of certain neuroscientific interventions and the other the question of mental privacy.
To emphasize the grotesque unnaturalness of this appetite, Socrates likens Glaucon's desire to desecrate a young boy's body, and the body politic, to cannibalism.
The alienness of the UFO and its pilots stands for the perceived unnaturalness of the latest technologies of tradition, and their power to alienate by to some extent replacing face-to-face oral interaction as a means for transmitting information.