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Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, has pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog.
Over half of APRNs that participated in the survey responded that unnecessary nursing care was a somewhat serious problem and that the person in the best position to address the issue is the MD or APRN.
But the magistrates found Hall guilty of permitting unnecessary suffering to be caused to Spot.
Those who delivered by cesarean were classified according to whether this was their first such delivery or a repeat procedure; if a woman's discharge record did not document any of 24 standard indications for cesarean, the procedure was categorized as potentially unnecessary.
Therefore, the rules created by GLB have added substantial and unnecessary regulatory burdens.
Perhaps operations research (now widely recommended for healthcare delivery in areas where there has been no modern infrastructure in the past) could be applied to clinical trials in rich countries as well, to prevent unnecessary delays and make the research more current and relevant.
Editor Polly Neate said: 'It's high time our politicians took responsibility for their thoughtless rhetoric, which creates an unnecessary fear of young people
All of these situations create unnecessary overhead, headaches for users, and possible legal issues.
In practice, however, landlords often craft clauses that attempt to limit tenant rights by reducing dispute time frames, and/or set other unnecessary hurdles that increase lease audit costs and decrease the probability of an effective audit.
The stick he has been receiving has been totally unnecessary and out of order.
Codification of the economic substance doctrine is unnecessary and would potentially interfere with legitimate business transactions.
A provisional ballot is a good idea, but unnecessary if the voter does his job.