unnecessary loss

See: waste
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What I am requesting through your good offices, isto see if a campaign could be started with a view to end this unnecessary loss and injury of young lives.
Concerned government officials might as well do it now to avoid the unnecessary loss of life and limb because of the increasing number of residents," they said.
Some of the more recent interventions such as the change in Scotland's drinkdrive legislation will undoubtedly help prevent the tragic and unnecessary loss of lives on our roads.
We need to do more to encourage men to talk about their problems to prevent the further tragedy of unnecessary loss of life by suicide.
Without this, more unnecessary loss of life will inevitably occur",Alwan added.
Hammond earlier asked Israel to "prevent unnecessary loss of civilian life" due to its invasion in Gaza.
The thoughts and prayers of the Jewish and Muslim communities are with the bereaved families and we pray that the shock and horror of this tragic and totally unnecessary loss of innocent lives will unite us together and we will travel through this dark period into a future of peace and harmony.
Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell said: "My thoughts are with this boy's family at their tragic and unnecessary loss.
He talks about unnecessary loss of life and protecting troops and Falkland islanders but the deaths of people killed in the Falkland Islands were unnecessary.
The bill will provide easy access to our own medical records electronically over the Internet to save time, money and effort and obtaining vital medical information especially in emergency cases which can help avoid unnecessary loss of lives," Arroyo said.
He said it is important to adhere to traffic rules to avoid unnecessary loss of lives or injuries caused by road accidents.
By implementing simple steps, business owners can protect themselves from unnecessary loss and ensure business continuity.