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He claimed that political opponents were unnerved with the rising popularity of PML-N and the
Through these efforts India stands exposed at international level, and has been unnerved to an extent that they are publicly confessing their involvement in the terrorist activities in Pakistan, he added.
The bricks came flying where he had been sitting," she said, completely unnerved now that they have a baby who plays in the garden.
SIR ALEX FERGUSON admits to being unnerved by the San Siro's hostile atmosphere in Manchester United's epic Champions League tie with AC Milan.
Clearly unnerved after his exchange with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, concluded that no one should have that kind of money to dispense as he sees fit.
He said: "She liked the painting, but it unnerved her and both her children insisted it scared them.
I would imagine you are becoming aware of this but perhaps it has unnerved you.
Paul is so unnerved by his violent flashbacks that he confesses to murder, while Bridget's bid to prove she's as athletic as any boy ends in disaster for Declan.
these girls to him did say, My mum was unnerved but they were not, It was he, in the end, the shock got, Mum of it all, she was filled with dismay, The girls just giggling and laughing away, Mum said he went, with disbelief on his face, These girls of awareness put him in his place.
Unnerved attendees scrambled for the hallway, returning to their seats after a few minutes when no further jolts were felt.
Contemporary readers who feel unnerved (or even irritated) by demands of greatness in literature seem comfortable with Murakami's apparent lack of serious intentions.