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He further went on to say that it would be unnerving to the United States "from the standpoint of what that means to other militants.
The horrible, unnerving, freezing cold, soaking wet, dangerous, insane and beautiful weather is all over the film.
This is a troubling figure, but as it is not nearly as unnerving as the $80 billion that chronic gamblers are allegedly costing the U.
Throughout the documentary Moore reveals unnerving and angering statistics: the day that the Columbine tragedy occurred, the United States dropped more bombs on Kosovo than at any other time during the war; in Toronto, Canada--a city of millions--citizens don't even lock their doors; and 90 percent of the guns in the United States are bought in white suburbs where there's hardly any violent crime.
The idea of wireless devices collecting and transferring patients' personal information may be unnerving to some.
It must to be unnerving for all faith groups to have listened to the rhetoric about good and evil, about serving God's purposes, about the slaughter of the innocents which has characterized the propaganda from both sides of the conflict in the Middle East.
That unnerving possibility has gnawed at the back of many people's minds ever since.
If you're like most runners, the mere thought of catching a cold can be more unnerving than tackling a daily workout or an upcoming long run.
In the central chapter on Petrarchism, however, there is an unnerving lack of control over the material; thus in the space often pages (72-82) we move from Chaucer to Poliziano to Boiardo to Spenser to Cervantes, and because Braden's instinct is to narrate and thematize rather than argue a case, our grip on his original position is quickly l ost.
The acting is fine and Howard Shore's music recalls the unnerving paranoia of Michael Small's score for The Parallax View (1997)
And this is all a matter of unnerving different parties, that the military is trying to unnerve George Speight, that George Speight is trying to unnerve the military by suggesting that there may be harm to individuals, to the international media," she added.
First was the agnostic, self-sufficient and slightly unnerving thought that, if the captain felt in need of prayer, perhaps he wasn't quite as confident of his aircraft or his expertise as I would have wished.