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Almost unnervingly detailed, Women of Honor recounts stories of young women married as teenagers, then beaten by their husbands as a matter of course, all following childhoods that were haunted by murders and funerals.
Dad buys a 'synth' they name Anita (Gemma Chan, right, unnervingly perfect), a domestic goddess who lives in and charges up.
Much of the material comes from the latest album, Sonic Soul Surfer, a collection of songs that serves to show the man's versatility with forays into delta blues, folk, psychedelic rock and something unnervingly close to rap.
49) NOTES From An Exhibition author Patrick Gale's rst historical novel opens rather unnervingly with his protagonist Harry Cane being strapped into a bath.
According to daily Forbe that cognitive decline is a too-common side effect of aging, and Alzheimer's disease is unnervingly prevalent.
Although the two women's lives are galaxies apart, Baldwin's unsettling conclusion is that they share an unnervingly close bond as women.
Their correspondence is read aloud, in Sutcliffe's case often unnervingly to a female crowd member in the front row.
It's an unnervingly solid voice, nearly stone, a voice that has a weight to it.
In this sequel to one of South Africa's favourite homemade films, the year is 1991 and Spud Milton's long walk to manhood is still creeping along at an unnervingly slow pace.
While the plot is unnervingly plausible, the action often gets bogged down with repetitiveness and minutiae.
The plot mirrors Enimen's own life unnervingly and a fine supporting cast including Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer and Brittany Murphy are great.
THE FLOOD-INSURANCE program has the money to pay claims resulting from Superstorm Sandy, but is unnervingly close to having to ask Congress for more money, warns Mike Chaney, Mississippi's insurance commissioner and chair of the NAIC Property & Casualty Insurance Committee.