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As with a lot of our behind-the-scenes changes, we hope the transition has been unnoticeable to our readers, but if you encounter hiccups, please tell us.
4 mm shaft and integrated needle tip without the use of a trocar, causing less trauma and leaving a nearly unnoticeable scar.
Ismail said he believes it is unlikely that the crisis will affect the company's sales in the local market, expecting the effect to be minor and unnoticeable.
During the early years of implementation, the effect is likely to be unnoticeable - and that's when a vote on proposals to rescind or weaken the standards would occur.
Designed for ease-of-use, these SRL's are virtually unnoticeable to the user when worn and provide the ultimate in work site flexibility.
The Surface Pro 3 runs on an Intel Core i7 processor, and Microsoft has redefined its fan chassis which makes it almost unnoticeable.
According to the report, the Jeddah Directorate of Education had taken "all measures to ensure functional readiness of the schools," but it had only drawn criticisms from school officials and students alike, saying that the so-called preparations by the directorate seemed unnoticeable to them.
The disease has a number of strains that differ in the severity of their clinical signs, ranging from unnoticeable infection to a rapidly fatal condition.
Boris Berezovsky's solo playing in the Grieg Piano Concerto was so well-integrated as to be almost unnoticeable (and that is a huge compliment).
Additionally, the company stated that the pump's dimensions are 49mm diameter by 7mm thick 25 with 6CC insulin, making it very comfortable and almost unnoticeable to wear.
RHA, of Glasgow, Scotland, trims cost where it is largely unnoticeable.