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The unnumbered bill substituting House Bill 2092 authored by ACT Teachers Party-list Reps.
Unnumbered Bridleway Resolven That length of an unnumbered Bridleway in Resolven commencing at point I (Grid Ref.
The different models correspond to having either complete or no memory of what is in the pile, and having numbered shelves (each object has a designated location on the shelves) or unnumbered shelves (only the relative order of books is important).
A witness told the Malaga court trying 15 Spaniards over the violence the Scots were totally unnumbered.
Unnumbered blessings give my spirit voice; tender to me the promise of his word; in God my Saviour shall my heart rejoice.
It is unlikely to find any unnumbered sea turtles in the area," he said.
Q I HAVE four copies of Fred Basset cartoon books - numbers 2, 13, 17 and an unnumbered one which turns out to be No 1.
A thematic guide without page-numbers appears after the also unnumbered list of articles, which limits its usefulness.
While articles and books on Japan's various warplanes--the Mitsubishi A6M Type 0 "Zero" foremost of all--have consumed unnumbered trees, if not forests--studies on less glamorous types, particularly transports, have received far less attention.
Also, the unnumbered pages are irritating and make finding particular information more difficult.
UNNUMBERED stone-step seating for EUR80pp [pounds 62.