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Hungry for Change, a documentary directed by the nutrition consultants James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, begins with a few unobjectionable observations about weight trends and the difficulty of dieting.
EPA has proposed five amendments to Subpart KKKK, three of which seem unobjectionable.
Though Whitacre sticks to the CEO-as-author formula, it isn't all parables and unobjectionable truths.
At first glance, Joe Hirsch's plan seemed unobjectionable.
Although covers of the earlier books depict Claudia as Hispanic and Monica as African-American, the race or ethnicity of any of the characters is not mentioned in this pleasant but unexciting new series* This is an unobjectionable addition to any middle school or even elementary school library.
This conclusion is unsurprising and unobjectionable, if one accepts the premise of monergism.
The decision-makers are motivated by the bottom line, which would be unobjectionable if they were not so stupidly insensitive to quality.
The piece focused on the Torah's view of the body as a dwelling place for the soul, as well as unobjectionable advice on body image.
I am inclined to believe that any teacher performance-based pay system, while unobjectionable at a theoretical level, may be very difficult to implement, both for political and administrative reasons, in the prevailing environment in countries like India.
What I took President Carter to say, which I think ought to be unobjectionable, is that President Obama is being dealt with by some people in the American public differently because he is Black than he would if he were White," says Dr.
Indeed, as NYU seeks to initiate its 2031 plan, which it released a few years ago, it seems to be seeking the politest and most unobjectionable building it can get, with the most dull and emulsifying half-tones, such as you find at the Kimmel Center as well as in this new proposal.
Some calls, of course, were unobjectionable, because Burke was entitled to have dealings with him on matters unrelated to horseracing, but the sheer volume of traffic and the concentration of this around the times of the suspect races provided clear evidence of the breaches belatedly admitted by Burke.