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Skeptics will continue to believe that invoking humanity is a convenient strategy to make the speaker's values seem universal, and therefore unobjectionable.
This conclusion is unsurprising and unobjectionable, if one accepts the premise of monergism.
That's unobjectionable if your goal is to change the world, and who would deny that Gramsci, Hayek, and Foucault have influenced politics in the West?
The mild bill is largely unobjectionable to the gas and liquid pipeline industries, but neither does it grant INGAA's long-standing top priority: adopting a risk-based approach to retesting of pipelines in high consequence areas (HCAs).
During the period of bipolarisation, the US superpower was convinced by the vitality of an apparently unobjectionable Third World in the global context of the US geopolitical game.
What I took President Carter to say, which I think ought to be unobjectionable, is that President Obama is being dealt with by some people in the American public differently because he is Black than he would if he were White," says Dr.
Indeed, as NYU seeks to initiate its 2031 plan, which it released a few years ago, it seems to be seeking the politest and most unobjectionable building it can get, with the most dull and emulsifying half-tones, such as you find at the Kimmel Center as well as in this new proposal.
Of course, some calls were unobjectionable because Burke was entitled to have dealings with him on matters unrelated to racing, but the sheer volume of traffic and the concentration of these around the times of the suspect races provided clear evidence of the breaches belatedly admitted by Burke.
According to the paper, First Deputy Economic Minister Adel Izquierdo "supported with unobjectionable facts and figures the serious nature of the economic and financial situation in Cuba due to the effects of the global crisis.
The study is rich in aphorism, sometimes trenchant, mostly unobjectionable.
His classification seeks to distinguish between unobjectionable uses, such as quoting an apt phrase, and the more troublesome sorts at the heart of recent debate.
Seen together with the work Guysgocrazy, 2007, a looped double-channel projection, the fireworks of Untitled also refer to the sexual and orgiastic as a form of pop-culture symbolism (one that was used in Hollywood films as a recognized code for sexual climax, in a manner unobjectionable to censors).