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It is not destiny but his considered choice that initiates his love for Helene, Ronsard proclaims; and, at the end of the sequence, having had "no recompense," he declares love's ending; Braden puts it that he "makes good on the vow to dispense eventually with an unobliging beloved, but he does so only to become a kind of serial Petrarchist" (116).
Unsurprisingly this can result in a disgruntled and unobliging workforce.'
And on the ICC - where Romania was the only candidate country to give the US just what it wanted (largely because it wants US endorsement in November for its NATO bid, speculated European Enlargement Commissioner Gunter Verheugen recently in public) - Mr Prodi was equally unobliging. He made clear that the EU "regretted" the Romanian initiative in advance of any common EU position being agreed on whether American citizens should be exempt from extradition for being prosecuted by the ICC, and said he would have preferred close contact and to work side-by-side with Romania.