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Step inside and visitors arewelcomed to a warm, stylish yet comfortable arena with a big screen, tables andchairs with their own unobscured views of more screens, plus cosy booth seatingareas, again each with their own viewing screens and match commentary languageoptions for those wanting an alternative to English, plus charging docks forsmart phones and USB ports.
Boasting more than 2,500 square feet of open air patio space, the Lakeside Plaza is surrounded by unobscured views of the lake, Crane's Landing Golf Course and surrounding wooded areas, officials from the resort said.
Bataille and Edelman, then, articulate a politics of revelation--an unobscured vision of the forces of cataclysmic disruption and destruction without end or remainder.
Narrowed 'A' and 'B' pillars aid peripheral vision to offer an unobscured view and prevent traffic disappearing from sight, while longer, panoramic windows provide enhanced over-the-shoulder visibility at junctions.
No matter how bright or hot the sun shines, the company can keep the windows unobscured to let in natural light all day long.
As a platform that relies on intrinsic motivation rather than cash rewards, points or gamification we believe that we have an unobscured view into the true drivers of long lasting human performance."
Unobscured QSOS within dusty starbursts and QSO sightlines with impact parameters below 100 kiloparsecs," appeared in the Astrophysical Journal.
Imagine: Every morning begins with an unobscured, brilliantly multicoloured sunrise and overwhelming gusts of wind racing through Yosemite Valley.
Laser energy also requires relatively clear air, unobscured by weather, smoke, or dust, etc.
During the return trip, I was seated directly behind the cockpit with an unobscured view of the instruments.
"The preference is for light wood floors and white walls and ceilings which reflect the light." | Leave windows as unobscured as possible to allow natural light to fill the room.
The skyview factor describes the percentage of unobscured sky, which is related to the radiation received or emitted in an area (Chen et al.