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72 directs governments to maximize their use of observable inputs (level 1 and level 2 inputs) and to minimize the use of unobservable inputs (level 3 inputs).
The purpose of this section is to study the possibility of decomposing the nonlinear control system defined on a homogeneous time scale into observable and unobservable subsystems.
The restriction to manufacturing was imposed to allow comparability with much of the existing literature, but also--as I argue more extensively in the next section--to minimize the potential distortions from unobservable sources of heterogeneity.
However, psychology must also grant the existence of the mental, or cognitive, dimension of the mind, which is unobservable but whose elements may nevertheless be considered causal for behavior.
But this is impossible: attributing thoughts to others will either require conceptual capacity to theorize about the unobservable inner states of the other subjects, presupposing capacity for thought, or involve implicit attribution, which is hard to reconcile with the fact that such attribution involves a grasp of an unobservable, inner state.
They are a glimpse into an otherwise unobservable world.
Since potential output is unobservable, we use the Congressional Budget Office's August 2011 estimates for it.
Revenue growth was above our expectations due to our conservative estimates of unobservable oil-linked gas price growth for European customers (taking into account the two-three quarter lag between oil prices and Gazprom's average export gas price); actual price growth was close to the oil-price hike at 19% QoQ.
This is against a background of observable and unobservable common determinants of health (housing, ethnicity, gender etc).
Tyson--the author of The Unobservable Universe: A Paradox-Free Framework for Understanding the Universe--who thinks colleague Stephen Hawking was wrong to dismiss the concept of life after death.
Level 3 fair value measurements the most in the fair value hierarchy use unobservable inputs, Prior to ASU 2011-04.