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In a posthumous collection of his writings, Min HaMetzar, Weissmandel issues a bitter condemnation of unobservant Jews: "Let it be clearly understood that never in Jewish history (even in the time of Jeroboam or Achav) have such hostile atheists stood at the helm of the Jewish people as today.
I said, offended that he would imagine I could be so unobservant.
FACT: Unless you're 100 years old, you were just an unobservant little kid.
It appears that Japanese visitors were either unobservant or uninterested in the technology, but in any event there was no attempt to import the technology to Japan prior to the 1590s.
Tide-bound, in Tennyson, means self-bound: unseeing, unobservant, and un-descriptive.
Nieman, Principles of Unobservant Analysis, Hartcourt Brace and Co, Philadelphia p.
Bass don't get big by being unobservant and stupid.
Both History and Comedy have been established in their final exchange as remarkably unobservant, but if there were a curtain at their respective entrance doors, even they could hardly have failed to notice its presence and, even more, its colour.
Her parents emigrated from Bangladesh in 1978, and she portrays herself as an unobservant Muslim.
30pm INTRIGUED about how Jim McDonald is able to supply alcohol in prison, I've had a look online and apparently you need a five gallon bucket, the rubber hose off a washing machine, a few plastic bags and some terrifically unobservant screws who won't notice the still you've set up in your cell.
That said, courts seem to understand the ordinary reasonable observer in IP infringement cases as unobservant of differences.
On what basis does a devout Zionist, who is unobservant of Judaic doctrine, claim to be a Jew?