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On what basis does a devout Zionist, who is unobservant of Judaic doctrine, claim to be a Jew?
If he hasn''t noticed plastic bottles, paper, etc, blowing about in the wind then he must be very unobservant.
The Germans' statistical data must have been collated a long time before the war, or the secret agents must have been a dud lot, and the neutrals unobservant or blind.
Add pressure to get the job done from a well-intentioned but unobservant boss and risk-taking becomes the way we do business because time-saving takes on an even greater value.
I was the minister who replied on behalf of the govt," he informed the unobservant AM.
And any unobservant "tea leaves" who still try having away with it will most likely end up with a jet of hot coffee down the front of their trousers.
It wasn't just the sinner or the gentile, the ritually impure, the religiously unobservant, or the politically incorrect who needed to repent and change.
The strategy depends on voters being too blind, too wildly unobservant, to see what happens in plain sight.
A group of cocky, unobservant Aussies sledged him on his way out of the ground, thinking they were having a pop at Vaughan, now a top cricket broadcaster.
Most of us in Leominster were unobservant but I believe today (that) all of us who went to school in Worcester have a deep love for the rebbe (Yeshiva founder Rabbi Hershel Fogelman) and Judaism," wrote Capt.