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SDP BiH stated in a press released yesterday they decided to withdraw from the dialogue on election legislation because Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) "are ready to block even the Parliament of the Federation of BiH to prevent any discussion on any law that would secure unobstructed implementation of elections".
Talking about the unobstructed 360 degree view, the Inspire 1 drone uses a 12 MP camera with 9 element lens that can shoot 4K videos at 30fps.
The acquisition is subject to the Strait of beach in the municipality of unobstructed vehicle operated by a multi-service transport contract period 1.
The study results indicated that educational level is independent of nurses' knowledge of tracheotomy management for a displaced tracheotomy tube in tracheotomy patients with an unobstructed ([chi square] (6, N =186) = 2.
In March 2008, TSA reached out to manufacturers to design bags that will produce a clear and unobstructed image of a laptop when undergoing X-ray screening.
HURCO's RIPCORD and Super RIPCORD ventilators have been engineered to quickly string sewer lines and create a safe, unobstructed manhole work environment.
The case, which concerned a development in Liverpool city centre, saw the court deciding that a lease provision permitting a free right for the landlord to develop adjoining land would defeat any attempt by the tenant to claim rights to light over that land through 20 years' unobstructed light.
The first tower floor is situated 165 feet above street level and the top ten floors, which culminate in the 370 foot high penthouse, will rise above all surrounding structures offering panoramic, unobstructed 360 degree views of the Hudson River, Central Park, Midtown, and the George Washington Bridge.
If I take my 12-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope's cap and cut an off-center hole that just fits between the central obstruction and the corrector plate's edge, will I have an unobstructed system with all the advantages of a refractor?
Across from the lovely shaded property a golf course provided miles of unobstructed views.
The book features breathtaking, full-color images of each continent's most famous mountain ranges captured from as far as 500 miles to as close as 15 miles, offering a unique, unobstructed perspective of Earth's surface.
Key statement: A hollow body is formed for unobstructed transmission &data.