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Further, much of the information on the reverse of the pounds 1 doorstep sign is incorrect, including emergency telephone numbers that are now unobtainable.
The S&W international sales rep went to bat with the Aussie importer and helped those guys get some badly needed competition guns that heretofore were unobtainable in that part of the world.
It provides direct images of the shapes and three-dimensional arrangement of the scattering objects within a sample that is unobtainable using conventional x-ray imaging methods.
Offering large repeats at previously unobtainable speeds, the Carpet Star can create a variety of patterns, including those for oriental designed carpets.
Such an economy and environment are virtually unobtainable without a superior school system that helps every child in the borough realize his or her full potential as workers, citizens and individuals.
I would need a deposit to buy a house, but on the money that I earn that is totally unobtainable.
Giorgio Armani, which is distinct from other branches of the international chain (Armani Collezione, Emporium Armani), is its most expensive label, the prima ligna with clothes being made of fabrics unobtainable elsewhere.
It yielded `efficiencies and qualities of work unobtainable in the competitive paradigm'.
S-250 is also reportedly the first PP compound to achieve a consistent surface resistivity of 10% ohm/sq, "an optimum target," BFG says, that was previously considered unobtainable with other ESD technologies that gave resistivities either too high or too low.
Water treatment facilities are non-existent in the area, with chemicals such as chlorine unobtainable to stop the outbreak.
However, talking at the CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, Germany, AOL Europe's CEO Andreas Schmidt claimed that the excessive cost of European Telecommunications might make that goal unobtainable.
With the MR Protocol Navigator, hospitals, clinics and imaging centers can maintain patient volume at their facility by having online access to MR consultations - information that would otherwise be unobtainable without qualified professionals on-site.