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Unobtrusive measures or indirect measures first were described by Webb, Campbell, Schwartz, and Sechrest (1966, 2000) as methods of data collection which do not involve direct gathering of data from research subjects, such as with interviews and questionnaires.
Featuring a metal housing with IP54 water and dust protection, the VPort P06HC-1MP-M12 s rectangular form factor is ideal for applications requiring an unobtrusive flush wall-mount installation.
The easy to use Halconeye75, Halconeye250, and Halconeye500 appliances provide comprehensive and unobtrusive data loss prevention and regulatory compliance for systems with up to 75, 250, and 500 users respectively.
The new Fortissimo Multi-Instrument Stand is compact enough to be stored safely inside a flute head-joint, yet also unfolds into a secure, yet unobtrusive, flute stand.
Readers will learn what to avoid (such as false heartiness and too much talking) and what to embrace (gentle candor and unobtrusive faith).
Its unobtrusive, flat design is especially suited to use in sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, and other containers of non-aggressive liquids.
With the concept of the video essay, Wildi lends her work a status somewhere between objectivity and inwardness; thus the unobtrusive but highly conscious editing of the individual works.
Marco Castelletti's design pulls together the main given spatial elements: palazzo court, alley and park in a quiet, unobtrusive yet strong way, and at the same time creates an urban space that is a contribution to the rich matrix in its own right.
A set of tongs, a shovel and a poker sitting beside a stove are unobtrusive.
The court concluded that it is "simply beyond credibility that an employee's personal display of a cross pendant, a star of David, or some other minor, unobtrusive religious symbol on her person would interfere with the library's purpose.
The 7" Modero Widescreen is the ideal solution for end users who desire the convenience of additional on-screen real estate when the surroundings call for a smaller, unobtrusive panel size.
Walls and fences have been removed in favor of unobtrusive cameras and electronic-alert networks.