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Moving unobtrusively through the open ocean at speeds of about 800 km per hour, tsunamis hit the coastline like an instantly rising tide, says Synolakis.
Ronald Brons of Los Gatos, California, unobtrusively installed a 5-foot-long roll-holding pipe under a row of cabinets.
As the ideas unfold, the practicalities of soil, watering feeding and other aspects of horticulture are introduced unobtrusively to the reader.
You can view two more images of the same place, deploy an unobtrusively dotted grey-on-white slider to read more text--and, where the previous text was a tad florid, this is pretty much plain and descriptive.
His brushstrokes accrete patiently and unobtrusively, seemingly in accord with the scene he represents, reinforcing an air of equanimity and calm.
Unobtrusively monitor and report on Web-services traffic on a network with the XML SOAP Monitor, available on Windows, Linux, Solaris and other Unix operating systems.
Unitone's newest system, 21V, which can be unobtrusively affixed flush on the wall of a residence, helps to reduce crime by preventing unauthorized entry and recording evidence of infractions or accidents, says Bohbot.
Somehow they got visas, they married Westerners, they, almost unobtrusively, defected--the last big, media--worthy defection being the late Alexander Godunov and the Kozlovs in 1979.
One pioneer in this untrammeled realm, William Ickes of the University of Texas at Arlington, unobtrusively videotapes pairs of people having spontaneous conversations and then has each person review the tape twice, once to label his or her own thoughts and feelings at precise points and again to identify those of his or her partner.