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In the visible watermarking, any objective assessment for watermark visibility and unobtrusiveness is not established, because both issues are directly related to the HVS which is totally subjective, and then the assessment of these performances is carried out using the subjective measure based on Mean Score Opinion (MOS).
Although the Arabian Peninsula was the birthplace of Islam and the supply source of foot soldiers who spread its message, the peninsula reverted to tribal traditions and unobtrusiveness after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in 622 A.D., and more specifically after the death of the Caliphs Abu Bakr, Umar, Othman, and Ali (May Allah bless their souls).
Unobtrusiveness, however, had huge political costs; Grunwald notes that "fewer than 10 percent of [Americans] were aware of the largest middle-class tax cut in a generation"--in fact, many think Obama raised their taxes.
One advantage of this form of data collection is its unobtrusiveness. This does not mean, however, it is shielded from biases.
The plurality found that, despite the physical unobtrusiveness of the search, there remained an "unfrustrated portion" of Waiter's privacy interests subject to Fourth Amendment protection.
Innovation, utility, aesthetics, clarity, unobtrusiveness are the hallmarks of good design.
What happened was this" (174)The unobtrusiveness with which the narrator transitions to something momentous ("What happened was this") evokes the impression of an unexpected change.
Unobtrusiveness. No interference with surgical vision.
Case examples suggest that an African American woman may identify with the values of straightforwardness and assertiveness in their leadership style while an Asian American woman may identify with values of respectfulness and unobtrusiveness. However, others may perceive the direct confrontational style of an African American woman as intimidating and deem the use of an indirect and teaching style of an Asian American woman as passive.
The unobtrusiveness of the effort has taken some flexibility, he notes.
Langer & Beckman believe that the disclosure of researchers' presence undermines the unobtrusiveness of netnography and inhibits participant responses.