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We focused on expanding our understanding of disparate product areas and unmet needs, searching for unobvious connections as a basis to drive investment.
The type of unobvious linguistic violence that is initiated when teacher candidates integrate their linguistic biases with a "language for liberation" like that of critical pedagogy (McLaren, 2006, p.
188) The appellants argued that they should not be required to present evidence of unexpected or unobvious properties because the novelty of their compounds should be sufficient for patentability.
Almost anything is patentable so long as the invention is new, useful, and unobvious when compared to what has come before.
The anti-crime proposition is so obvious as to be trite, and yet so trite as to be unobvious.
There is a rebel in you, which can see you even in the most unobvious of ways rail against rules and regulations, but it is unlikely to do you any favours to do so today.
CLARK, supra note 128, at 86 ("[B]iological evolution is liberated by being able to discover efficient but 'messy' or unobvious solutions that may, for example, exploit environmental interactions and feedback loops so complex that they would quickly baffle a human engineer.
g] of PBT/silica nanocomposites slightly shifts to higher temperature; however, this shift was unobvious and within the error of the measurement.
Such mobilities, manipulations of space and weaponizations of the Internet and airwaves into unobvious weapons of democracy should force us to think deeply about the implications of these instruments once the purpose of ending Mugabe's absolute powers is achieved.
What is really being said is, if a patent claims to have "selected" a particular member from a previously disclosed larger group, then to be an unobvious selection, the selected member or group should have previously undisclosed (i.
Rather, the fact that she can see no obvious possibilities within the deliberative boundary imposed by her concern with meaningful work spurs her to search, creatively, for unobvious possibilities within this boundary--continuing to exclude from consideration courses of action that lie beyond it as she does this.