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The Department's investigation determined that a number of insurers, after determining that residences had become unoccupied, improperly cancelled the owners' policies on grounds that the lack of occupancy constituted "physical changes" within the meaning of [section] 3425(c)(2)(E).
Despite opposition from local businesses, the Government is proposing to overhaul rates relief so that although warehouses, factories and listed buildings which are unoccupied will benefit from full relief for the first six months that they are empty, thereafter full rates will apply.
Firefighters initially did not see a fire, but after a resident alerted them to water coming from under a garage door of an unoccupied building, they forced entry and saw smoke inside, officials said.
Councils can charge a premium of up to 100% on properties left unoccupied or substantially unfurnished for more than a year.
Magdugo said the team had to climb up rocky mountains and slippery cliffs and need to cross rough and high seas just to hoist again the countrys national symbol in one of the Itbayats unoccupied islets.
Police broke the door down but thankfully the house was unoccupied.
A Garda spokesman told the Irish Mirror: "It's believed a number of mobile homes, which were unoccupied at the time, were damaged.
In pursuance of orders of the Supreme Court, a meeting chaired by the Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani has given go ahead to the Sindh Buildings Control Authority (SBCA) to start a campaign against illegal under construction and unoccupied buildings.
Six fire engines had to be dispatched to the scene of the two-storey barn blaze shortly before 8pm on Wednesday as smoke and flames poured from the unoccupied building.
According to the Seoul Institute, there are 3,913 unoccupied decrepit homes in the capital.
COUNCIL tax bills for landlords with long-term unoccupied homes in the Vale of Glamorgan are set to double from April.
Most of the thefts involve running and unoccupied vehicles being warmed up, the release stated.