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Perhaps I was unoffended," Howard speculated of the romances, "because I was perfectly aware that they were taking place, not in our own South, but in the British West Indies where the population is 97 per cent negro or mixed blood, and such things are not unheard of.
However, neither of us has the right to go through life unoffended.
Quite what Voison thought of the name Citrohan is anyone's guess, but the car maker was clearly unoffended as he lent Le Corbusier cars in succeeding years.
One could be unoffended by the phenomenon of ressentiment in general and of the injured gay identity in particular.
Though unoffended by this, an Athenian judge in 1998 ordered that the dictionary be withdrawn until its second definition of Bulgarian as 'pejorative and insulting--applied to a sports fan or player from Thessaloniki' was expunged.
Nobody was left unoffended in that half hour" boasted Tony Booth - not least Mary Whitehouse.
points out, it is helpful to know also just how tentatively and humbly Whitehead offered his metaphysics to us, and how utterly unoffended he would have been by our attempts to refine it.
While the lyrics of "Gangsta Bitch" may be offensive to some, rap music listeners are unoffended by the words and may even attach some sentimentality to the theme of a man needing a female associate to smoke pot, drink beer, and to celebrate Valentine's Day by committing crimes together.