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"Unopened" is divided into three selections to allow the works to cross-pollinate and the reader to choose his or her adventure--"On the Page" (themes close to home), "Off the Canvas" (out in to the world), and "Between the Notes" (the space between, the indefinable).
The first one had been opened earlier and examined by Egyptian antiquities officials, but the unveiling of the second on Saturday was the first time authorities had opened a previously unopened sarcophagus before international media.
It was the first known time that authorities had opened a previously unopened sarcophagus before international media.
The unopened letter, which presumably never reached Otto Frank -- he died in 1980 -- was found among the belongings of stamp collector Stefan Drukker following his death in 2013, the Trouw daily reported last month.
Recently a pharmacist found NT$3.5 million (US$117,000) of asthma inhalers and pills in the pharmacy's recycling box, with most of the medication unopened and expired, a startling indication of the degree to which Taiwan's National Health Insurance (NHI) is taken for granted.
Viv Albertine; TO THROW AWAY UNOPENED; Faber & Faber (Nonfiction: Music) 24.95 ISBN: 9780571326211
Three other homes were burgled in the early hours of Thursday, February 8 - with a cycle lock, an unopened parcel and set of car keys being stolen from the properties.
Through "food recovery" programs, students donate unwanted, nonperishable and unopened lunch items, which are later distributed to local food pantries.
Pet lovers in Wirral are being urged to bring in unopened pet food, new toys and blankets for animals of all types to any of the Willows surgeries in the group by this Monday, December 18, including Acorn Veterinary Surgery.
Unopened figures after the first Star Wars film in 1977 are a rarity, for sure.
"If they just want to test it out and do bottled water and unopened peel-top cereal and wrapped granola bars, cool," Bernal said.
Additionally, Rapaks active packaging system achieved a 9 month shelf-life on unopened white wine and a 12 month shelf-life on unopened red wine in the 1.5L format.