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We found room for a repurposed refrigerator and started collecting unopened food, beverages and whole, unconsumed fruits and vegetables," says Anakaren Ureno, Laguna Beach USD's public communications liaison.
We are urging anyone to bring in unopened and in date food, blankets and toys, for all different species to any of our Willows surgeries and we will make sure it benefits all the animals - like lovely Max - and the rescue charities which work so hard to look after them.
Though federal law is permissive, Texas school districts are subject to more constricted local health laws that determine what they can do with the unopened milk cartons and unpeeled oranges that end up filling the trash cans after each meal.
The current order means there is a complete ban on drinking booze across the city, but only allows police officers and council enforcement officers to seize opened alcoholic drinks, not unopened ones.
It was unopened, I thought it was a parking ticket.
The Unopened Gift reveals what we have not yet understood about emotions.
Selecta Milk in Tetra Pak cartons stays safe and nutritious even at room temperature as long as the carton remains unopened.
TEHRAN (FNA)- An American Muslim woman, who was on US President Barack Obama's list of leading Muslim females in the country, said she was discriminated against after a flight attendant allegedly refused to give her an unopened can of soda.
Seven more previously unopened scrolls were subsequently discovered amongst the antiquities.
In fact, the best idea I've had for this Christmas is to wrap up all his unopened toys from last Christmas.
However, the Snaps which remain unopened are still accessible by the company and are potentially at risk of being misused.
Discussion was held regarding a delegation from Jeff Cornwell at the March meeting, requesting access through the unopened road allowance to his bush lot or an opportunity to acquire either all or half of the road allowance lands.