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Writing for the majority, Justice John Paul Stevens noted that there was nothing unordinary about the length of time or Trooper Gillette's inquiries during the traffic stop.
Indeed, it is as though Walmart attracts and embraces the unordinary, or the super-ordinary.
* Details that may seem ordinary to you will seem very unordinary to future readers, and it will help put your story in a historical timeline.
They lack that "spice of life." This is why the "bad boy" look and unordinary lifestyles are so attractive to folks.
(128) In order to calculate the "unordinary" profit and the damages, the Court took into consideration testimony provided by shipping experts determining the difference between the amounts actually paid by Fyffes and the amounts that would have been paid, all things being equal, if Fyffes had been represented in the negotiations by an honest and prudent broker.
The unordinary microcarbon Nymphaea structure was synthesized from a bilayer catalyst composed of 7 nm Ni and 20 nm Al layers on a Si substrate via a one-step, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition process in a commercial system (Aixtron).
If we consider the way in which Kyd manipulates 'the authoritative practices relevant to a given arena of performativity', (24) we can better understand why precisely Hieronimo locates his revenge--or, more appropriately, his justice--in the unusual, unordinary circumstances of a play at the royal court.
These historical cases are the comet 1402 D1 and the unordinary extensive conjunctions of Saturn with Mars during the turn of the 14th century AD.
This view would be mistaken, however, because first transitions should be identified with unordinary alterations and these, as the name implies, are not ordinary.
According to Rizaov, the filled squares with people, fiery speeches, marches for freedom, common for the populist right-wing members and so called patriotic parties are a reflection of street democracy, unordinary for the modern European social -democratic left-wing.
The tourist agencies that travel to the EU countries say they face problems with the sum of money that passengers need to carry and with the unordinary demands their clients face.
Views of an Unordinary Nature', Seventeenth Century, 23 (2008),