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8226; What is the breakup of the organized and unorganized seeds market in India?
addressing specific vulnerabilities and interests of unorganized women workers in one sub-sector.
To understand the differences in organized and unorganized retail employment, it is important to comprehend the sectoral dualism of Indian labor market.
The President said the mayors must "quickly provide land, turn it into a free zone, exempt from taxes and close all unorganized markets in the country.
Only 20 percent of the world's population has adequate social security coverage by virtue of working in organized sector, the remaining working in unorganized sector are covered neither by a contribution based social insurance scheme nor by tax-financed social security benefits.
30, 000 per annum to BPL families (a unit of five persons) in the unorganized sector.
The applicant must be in the age group of 18 to 60 years and employed in a profession belonging to the unorganized sector of the economy.
He noted that many residents of the southern unorganized districts are African immigrants who do not speak fluent Arabic or English.
Guy's article does point out, however, that the gay community of Colorado Springs "is unorganized and remains virtually invisible.
Yet, countless small business owners sabotage their efforts to reach this goal because they are unorganized, under-funded and/or lack a detailed business plan.
also addressed attendees, saying that the scrap industry has been benefiting from "an unorganized market" in terms of pricing.