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The Unorganized Workers' Social Security Act, 2008 defines the term 'unorganized worker' as a home-based worker, self-employed worker, a wage worker in unorganized sector and includes a worker in the organized sector who is not covered by any Acts mentioned in second Schedule of the Act.
To understand the differences in organized and unorganized retail employment, it is important to comprehend the sectoral dualism of Indian labor market.
The President said the mayors must "quickly provide land, turn it into a free zone, exempt from taxes and close all unorganized markets in the country.
Among the social groups about 93 to 94 percent of the socially vulnerable groups such as STs, SCs and OBCs are working as unorganized labour.
To compete with unorganized companies, the major market participants need to form strategic alliances with vendors of spares, chemicals, and equipment.
This growth was attributed mainly to a robust agricultural sector, supported by a handsome share from the unorganized industrial sector.
Fakieh noted that there is a global increase in dengue fever, and that the illness is growing in Jeddah, especially in unorganized districts.
if so, it's time to tackle the messiest, most unorganized room in your home.
Guy's article does point out, however, that the gay community of Colorado Springs "is unorganized and remains virtually invisible.
Yet, countless small business owners sabotage their efforts to reach this goal because they are unorganized, under-funded and/or lack a detailed business plan.
also addressed attendees, saying that the scrap industry has been benefiting from "an unorganized market" in terms of pricing.