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Rural areas present a potentially attractive market for consumer goods companies in DEs (Reardon and Berdegue, 2002) and rural unorganized retailers are found to be the primary conduit of FMCG goods to rural consumers in these markets (Aithal, 2012).
The study population consisted of all the unorganized construction workers working at these construction sites during the study period.
The Unorganized Workers' Social Security Act, 2008 defines the term 'unorganized worker' as a home-based worker, self-employed worker, a wage worker in unorganized sector and includes a worker in the organized sector who is not covered by any Acts mentioned in second Schedule of the Act.
In any event, the current wave of terror poses a new challenge to Israel's security forces and intelligence organizations, which they have yet to deal with: An uprising which is generating unguided and unorganized perpetrators, who go to sleep as ordinary citizens and wake up in the morning as terrorists.
Ishengoma and Kappel (2006) stated that employment factors are more favorable in organized sector and workers employed are more satisfied as compared to in unorganized sector.
"There are hundreds of thousands of unorganized markets in Kazakhstan.
Only 20 percent of the world's population has adequate social security coverage by virtue of working in organized sector, the remaining working in unorganized sector are covered neither by a contribution based social insurance scheme nor by tax-financed social security benefits.
The state government said that the initiative would provide insurance cover to all persons below or marginally above the poverty line, engaged in the unorganized sector.
More than three decades after the Labor Code's passage, the bigger bulk of this country's employee sector sadly remains unorganized. For them, forming or joining a union--so they may bargain collectively with their employers for better working terms--is not unlike enlisting with the Katipunan in Andres Bonifacio's time: One may not be charged for insurrection, but he risks losing his job.
Most of the rural workforce in India is in the unorganized (or informal) sector, where they have no job or income security.
Ahmeti formed a party and his uncle Fazli Veliu became the Association's president aiming to keep former NLA unorganized and keep it under control for personal interests," Hoxha said.
The study compared a program that engages students in organized play activities through the use of flail-time coaches during recess with a control group of schools that allow unorganized play.