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Amid a flow of done- again jokes, you could perhaps miss noticing the entire cast's unoriginal ways.
The study shows that schools using Turnitin reduced unoriginal writing by 39 percent and that the number of papers graded digitally increased 100-fold over the five-year study.
As a result the problem appears to be much more in control and there has been an overall reduction in unoriginal content.
In this scenario, Perloff's book Unoriginal Genius is an attempt to fuse avant-garde sensibilities of the past and the present with the new technologies and media of recent days.
I have no idea why, as it's bland and unoriginal, but hey.
If Ryan Babel wants to pass on an unoriginal photo of Howard Webb in a Manchester United shirt and QPR players wish to threaten El-Hadji Diouf, that's freedom of speech for you.
But ultimately most of the songs in their brief, encore-free set, were unoriginal and aimless.
Unoriginal Misunderstanding surveys American libertarian traditions of press freedom that underlie the First Amendment.
I am also more than fed up with the negativity and unoriginal moaning of the saloon bartype from people of his ilk about the state of this country and nation.
a legal and theoretical exploration of how to regulate unoriginal database contents and possible suggestions for reform.
As his confusion mounts, Tchaikovsky's playful yet foreboding Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy provides an unoriginal but nevertheless perfect soundtrack.