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DESCRIPTION: Uniformly thin (0.1-0.3 mm wide), unornamented, bedding plane-parallel, straight to broadly curving (but not looping and crossing) trails that are preserved as concave epireliefs or convex hyporeliefs.
1-4) The redness of those seemingly irrelevant rose leaves is artfully contrasted with the lights of lines 1 and 3, but this apparently decorative opening comes up short against the strongly foreboding, unornamented dialect speech of the fourth line.
On Commercial Street there were a thousand windows, bleak and square unornamented windows reaching up as high as the eye cared to wander.
Based upon this chosen canon, Patel discusses the reception of unornamented and ornamented familiar musical sequences and finds that longer, ornamented phrases require a familiar ending.
Jones have identified the new plain style as a phenomenon that manifested in sparse, unornamented language.
As cities across the United States were embracing the unornamented Modernist building designs defined by steel, glass and iron, Portland's city leaders wanted to build a municipal building that had its own unique look.
Ten pairs of unornamented spiracles, 2 thoracic and 8 abdominal (Fig.
With the rise of the bourgeoisie and the ideology of wealth through capitalist productivity, men's clothing faded into a subdued, unornamented sobriety as women's dress came to dominate the emerging fashion industry.
As with Graham-Paige, and consistent with Geddes's desire for modernist status, publicity for the Airflow linked streamlining with the principles of modernist design, promoting the style as functional, honest and unornamented. In the Saturday Evening Post Geddes proclaimed, 'I want to salute Mr.
According to Ashton, "From the outside it looks like nothing - the plain board cover is quite beaten up and unornamented, not elaborate at all.
It would be very likely that the stark, unornamented International Style architecture comes back again, right?