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Think 'Saul Bellow' and a story line very much centered around the protagonist's self-inspection and slow evolution, and think 'old memories, old habits, and new beginnings' as you follow The Unorthodox Ox's saga of a fumbling man's interactions with a woman who is difficult and bitter in her own way.
Deception and unorthodox approaches afford ways for the inferior to defeat the superior force.
"It's a great success story achieved through unorthodox methods under the leadership of an unorthodox executive."
The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is open to using ''unorthodox operating methods'' to help stabilize the nation's economy, BOJ Policy Board member Teizo Taya said Thursday.
This kind of unorthodox thinking produced two of the most unusual plastics innovations that I have heard of in a while.
More important, the success at Green Lake has encouraged the parks department to incorporate this unorthodox idea across the city.
Adventist doctrines are based in part on the revelations of SDA leader Ellen White, and the church has sometimes been attacked as unorthodox by some fundamentalist Christians.
Above all, Francisca (despite the unorthodox particularities of her dress and and habits) serves as a paradigm of sorts - as a representative of the female paradox of her time: "Francisca lived in times that were heady with the lure of opportunities for women to escape the confines of poverty, ignorance, prejudice, and obscurity into the limelight of spiritual fame.
Images should be of moderate number and placed in right order; those which foster unorthodox devotion should be removed (no.
Establishment of an Office of Alternative Medicine in the National Institutes of Health in 1992 has heartened advocates of CAM, increased interest and government funding for research into unorthodox therapies, and lent credibility to CAM modalities.
An abstract painter who became known in the early '80s for her large-scale, gestural paintings on unorthodox surfaces such as vinyl and aluminum, Mika Yoshizawa has continue to refine her vocabulary with an uncommon singularity of purpose, seemingly impervious to the vagaries of the art world.
he describes and explains these and other aspects of his highly unorthodox practice, arguing that the American health-care system, for all its high-tech miracles, is out of touch with what gives meaning to human life.