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Why is American science so essentially conventional, so hostile to creativeness, to beginnings, to speculation, to unorthodoxy, to really new ideas?
"He should never turn back from a train of thought because it may lead to a heresy, and he should not mind very much if his unorthodoxy is smelt out, as it probably will be."
In his role as a producer and host of the "Vice" TV series on HBO, he is committed to "irreverence and unorthodoxy," and he won wide praise recently for a startling piece about breakthrough cancer cures.
In the Middle Ages, the church attempted to keep its purity by aggressively cleansing the ranks of all traces of unorthodoxy. Inquisitors enforced loyalty oaths and sent spies to sniff out the slightest odor of heresy from pulpits, pews, and backstreets.
In the theatrical universe of Young Jean Lee, unorthodoxy tends to be the rule, not the exception.
The fleshing out will repeat to some extent what I have already advanced, yet it will also bring out my unorthodoxy as an IA believer.
While several other nations have embraced the unorthodoxy that has resulted in innovations such as the doosra, the vast majority of English spinners persist with the traditional methods in an environment that has become, with improved bats, more benign pitches and more aggressive batsmen, ever more hostile towards them.
Therefore, the Hizmet movement must also emphasize the unorthodoxy of these methods.
He argues that an unremitting focus on quality is the reason both for its success and its unorthodoxy.
She said: "My story has been completely out of the box in almost every respect, so I believe that it's important to acknowledge the value and power of unorthodoxy.
Alastair Cook, Ian Bell and Kevin Pietersen provide contrasting styles at the top three positions, but are all capable of scoring big hundreds, while lower down, the innovation and unorthodoxy of Eoin Morgan and Samit Patel is a great fit.