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In our view, with these presuppositions grace and the beatific vision can no longer be called unowed [gratuitous].
ARGON 17 fixer refix BARIUM 18 jetsam matjes BORON 16 heder, 17 fifes CAESIUM 16 quicky's (OED, possessive form of quicky) CARBON 17 freits refits resift rifest sifter strife CERIUM 10 embows ERBIUM 10 belows blowse bowels elbows GOLD 1 hemp, 8 lowt, 20 faix, 23 dali dial laid HAFNIUM 6 alongst HELIUM 6 Akrons (places called Akron, RHD), 10 vowers IRON 23 folk* LEAD 8 milt, 11 plow, 15 apts past pats spat stap taps NEON 13 arba* Arab (W3), 16 dude dued* OXYGEN 16 unowed RADON 5 swift SILVER 9 unbare unbear urbane, 13 verify SODIUM 16 tickey SULPHUR 23 primero* TERBIUM 10 blowsed TIN 11 tye yet, 17 zek XENON 1 poofy, 4 birrs, 13 kabar, 16 nuded* (OED) ZINC 5 hens nesh, 13 vamp, 18 frau
At the same time, such superfluity is the mark of both the "disorderly motion"(6) in the play's imagery and that "vast confusion" (4.3.153) in the play at large that results from the attempt "To tug and scamble, and to part by th' teeth / The unowed interest of proud swelling state" (4.3.146-47).