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Who would have authority to write to what is in theory an unowned platform?
(35.) Again, an unowned commons, like an open-ocean fishery or a busy highway without tolls, is inefficient because it creates an incentive to overuse the resource and to allocate the resource to low-value uses.
(6.) I refer to public domain land that is not managed or regulated as as-yet unowned land.
Al Marzouqi also said that motorists with owned number plates willing to get the plates replaced can either proceed immediately to any of the RTA-affiliated vehicle testing and registration centres or get it replaced at the time of their scheduled renewal, while those with unowned number plates can wait till May to do the same.
If every man has the right to own his own person and therefore his own labor, and if by extension he owns whatever property he has 'created' or gathered out of the previously unused, unowned state of nature, then who has the right to own or control the earth itself?
And from May 2018, all car owners with unowned A, B and C number plates are requested to upgrade to the new plate design," the latest campaign says.
This option is not available to the poor in modern societies, where there is often no unowned periphery to which one can move.
We had been tossing coins into the choppy waters over our numb shoulders, without uttering a word, and now our wishes for good luck were being fulfilled, unowned and ineffable.
In Athens, she intends to have a vacant building declared unowned--not abandoned or derelict, which would mean that the building belongs to the state, but genuinely unowned, the property of no one.
Free-ranging cats include those that are unowned and completely independent of humans (i.e.
Recall that the first item in her taxonomy was "unowned non-property (or open access resources)", and she emphasized this "non-property" point when she wrote:
How he offered her a flower then did things that though she didn't recognize them didn't feel unfamiliar but invisibly tangled and left spots of red dripping down and her own Papa saw the belly and unowned her.